• Our department of Landlord Tenant Investigations is a specialized investigative agency servicing the New York City real estate industry specifically in the areas of non-primary residency and rights of succession. We help determine whether a tenant is living in his or her rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment as a primary residence, if there are any illegal sublets, or if they have other residences that may or may not serve as a primary residence. We gather the information and documentation necessary to make a case against the uncovered or suspected tenant through advanced technology as well as more traditional methods. In the event the tenant is in arrears or a holdover we also offer negotiation services to help resolve without potential costly litigation.

    The following areas are part of the focus in our comprehensive report we will deliver our client to build a documentary case on which to base subsequent legal actions:

    • Historical address information
    • Potential landline and cell phone numbers used by the tenant
    • Potential email addresses used by the tenant
    • Board of election and voting records
    • Date of Birth
    • Utilities
    • Real property ownership
    • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
    • Professional license search
    • Social Security matches
    • Site visits to the subjects premises and possible alternate addresses
    • Tenant file review and analysis
    • DMV records
    • Criminal search

    Please see attached 2013 price list