• Our clients can be found working in film, television, music, sports, or running large companies. Our clients share a passion for living, their work, and their pursuits. Our clients have busy lives, constantly changing schedules, travel plans, assistants, managements, and agents. Our clients demand the same level of excellence they demand of themselves. We are in the business of understanding needs and delivering results.

    Whether you're moving to New York City for a limited time for a specific project or making NYC your new home, we are an entertainment industry-based service company revolving around real estate assets--since where you live is how you live. Besides finding you the perfect home, imagine offers services to operate as an agent for our client or extension of our client's management company; a localized team working to secure and negotiate purchases or leases of assets. Our core beliefs are based around always performing on a level of outstanding for our clients with full integrity and respect for their privacy.

    Purchase of Real Estate Assets:

    • Travel anywhere in the U.S. to manage the purchase or sale of a client’s assets.
    • Provide clients with options to either view the property or, if they're too busy, see in-depth photos and floor plans.
    • Complete purchases while clients are off site so they can continue with their business anywhere in the world. When the client arrives in New York, everything for their property will already be taken care of for them.
    • Once the purchase is completed, we make our client's life easier and have the resources, knowledge, and experience to hire and manage any desired construction, renovation, and interior design.
    • Preparing all of the fine details, including bedding, stocking the fridge, etc.

    Large Asset Purchases:

    • Negotiate the best possible price on behalf of our client.
    • Organize all paperwork associated with large purchases.
    • Purchases or leases including cars, jets, boats, art, fish tanks, to the more rare requests.

    Asset Management:

    • Maintain assets and properties while the client is abroad.
    • Manage short-term rental of property, if desired.

    Asset Sales:

    • Acquire the highest possible sales price for all assets.
    • Marketing (Please see Seller Services for more specifics.)
    • Preparing the property for sale (Please see Seller Services for more specifics.)